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Today I have seen one project that grabs my attention. It’s a house architecture design that is environment friendly. Which has a really good green space around the house; in a creative way.

Looking awesome from outside, and the inside is way cool also. The wooden interior contrast so beautifully with the white furniture. The glass doors give a really nice touch, which also refer to purity and clear vision. I also love having the tree in the mid of the house. It really gives that smell, scent and feeling that you are surrounded by nature.

CHRIST.CHRIST Associated Architects is an international company for architecture, planning and design with its headquarters in Wiesbaden.
The company was established in 1898 by Karl Christ senior and is currently managed in the third and fourth generation by Gerhard Christ and Roger Christ.

The company’s projects:
range from land-use plans and development concepts for town planning to individual buildings, energy consultancy, interior design, furniture design and graphic design, with specialist knowledge in the planning of pharmaceutical research and production systems.

Our office is an instrumental element of an interdisciplinary network of architects, energy consultants, structural engineers, electrical engineers, HVAC planners, light planners and landscape architects. We are available, together with these partners, as an experienced and competent contact for the client in the development and execution of projects.